Does your quiet time kind of suck?

  • Staring bleary-eyed at your bible
  • Prayer time keeps turning into nap time
  • Kids (God bless ’em) love to interrupt
  • It’s too easy to get distracted on your phone

…if you even have a quiet time at all.


Welcome to group fitness for your quiet time.

A "coach" plans and facilitates

You're in and out in 45 minutes

All you have to do is show up


Now, you might be wondering…

“This sounds like just trying to check a box. My faith is a relationship.”

Yes and amen. This is just a way to help you make the time your relationship with God needs in order to grow.

“Only 45 minutes? Doesn't Jesus ask for a little more than that?”

Indeed He does—your whole life, in fact. This is just meant to spur you on to intimacy with Him throughout your entire day. Plus, if you and some guys on the call have the time to stay on longer, be our guest.

“All this talk about the clock feels like quenching the Spirit.”

Yes, we’re hawkish about the clock—just like a fitness instructor when running a workout. And while we don’t aim to stifle the Spirit’s work, we do aim to honor everyone’s time and schedules.


What FAITHBoy Fitness is not:

A church

We’re not out here appointing elders, conferring the sacraments or administering discipline. Heck, we’re not even here to replace small groups. In fact, our hope is to actually empower local churches by helping their people have rich, consistent time with God in the Word and prayer.

A debate club

There’s a time and place to talk politics or denominational differences. But this is not it. We are here to meet with Jesus and grow in our walks with him. Period.

A monologue

Your coach is not your preacher, so he won’t prepare a sermon. He’ll just pick the Scripture and maybe prepare a closing thought or two. The rest is for the group to participate in.


Fill out the form to find a group.

We’ll get in touch to get you set up.
We’re in the early stages of this venture, so for now everything is working pretty organically. But as we grow, we’ll be posting a live schedule of all meetings.